Hi my name is Brett Higgs and I am your nomad caribbean photographer. This blog is basically a collection of my experiences made manifest through photographs.
Not entirely sure where I will end up next, but honestly thats half the fun.
April 21st
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The Church of St John the Baptist 

The Church of St John the Baptist 

10:16 AM

MH370 Families

Please take a few seconds to support the families of those affected by this incident.

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10:11 AM
War memorial 

War memorial 

10:10 AM
Palace guard in Malaysia.

Palace guard in Malaysia.

10:08 AM
5:18 AM

Unite For MH370

Dear Tumblr Community,

Can everyone please like the page below and share it. My girlfriend, Grace's mother is on MH370 and we want the public to continue to support and be aware of this cause. 

We need to continue to keep this cause alive so as to continue to exert pressure on the government(s) for the sake of answers for the families who are devastated in the wake of the void caused by the lack of information/answers.


February 3rd
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October 10th
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